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Puppy!Sam Picspam #24 (Supernatural)

TGIF ... and TGFP (Thank God for Puppies... hee hee)!!

Episode #2x02: Everybody Loves a Clown

Okay, the lighting on some of these is a bit crummy, like the color is washed out, but hopefully it's not too bad. So not dial-up friendly.  As before if you like anything in particular, please take.

1. Hi, Puppy......  aw..... *grieves along with Puppy and Dean*

2. *hugs Puppy*

3. Doesn't he just break your heart?

4. *strokes PuppyMop*

5. Mmm, Puppy in one layer (just about)... he must dress like this more often... *nods*

6. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

7. Aw,,, fixing the Impala isn't easy, and Puppy wants to lend a helping hand

8. *stares at the PuppyBiceps longer than is healthy*

9. Confuzzled!Puppy ... why is Dean hogging all the butt porn shots? He will have to remedy this somehow...

10. Yes, even at this great distance, we can see the awesome power of the nearly overgrown PuppyMop...

11. C'mon out, PuppyDimple! Don't be shy!

12. *nibbles PuppyNeck... again*

13. Dean, you do NOT patronize the Puppy. You deserve this bitchface

14. Dayum,Gurl,YourAttitudeSuckethMajor!Puppy

15. Puppy just can't believe Dean's attitude.

16. Ooo... PissedOff!Puppy

17. Puppy's sad again. *pets him*  ...... Hm, the PuppyMop is extra feathery today

18. That ride to Ellen's place took less time than expected... Puppy is disappointed he didn't get to stick his head out and feel the wind in his hair as much as he'd liked

19. Of course Puppy's first thought upon entering the deserted establishment is whether they've got PuppyTreats stashed anywhere...

20. "The fangirls found me, Dean..."

21. “Okay, seriously, this is fun and all, but what kind of fangirls are you? You don't even have the pink fuzzy handcuffs...”

22. Surprised!Puppy

23. Puppy feels a little slighted that the attention isn't totally on him at the moment... so he offers up yet more PuppyBicep porn... and some PuppyMop porn...

24. Facial Shrug Alert!

25. Dean: “Dammit, that PuppyMop is distracting me! How the hell do you get it so perfect??” Puppy: “You wish you knew, big brother... *smirk*”

26. Aw, Puppy looks like he's going to cry :(

27. PuppyEyes™ Alert!

28. Fangirl Alert ;D

29. SuperHugePuppyCloseup!!!! *dies*

30. I don't know about you, but here it looks like he's smelled the PuppyTreats in Dean's jacket pocket and is begging for them :D

31. Thirsty!Puppy

32. Puppy trying desperately to look interested

33. Don'tYouBeDissin'MyDaddy!Puppy

34. Facial Shrug #2!

35. Puppy really wants to know if the YED can be tracked, so he hits Ash with the PuppyEyes™

36. And now Puppy really wants that folder, so he hits Ellen with the PuppyEyes™

37. Puppy's not amused... hence the bitchface

38. That PuppyMop looks so pretty in the moonlight :)

39. The PuppyEyes™ try desperately to convince Dean that clowns are homicidal

40. Hm... Skeptical!Puppy?

41. Little people frighten Puppy...especially when they're dressed like clowns

42. Looks like he's gonna run away screaming any second now...

43. *comforts him*

44. Puppy being delightfully innocent and naive (the "who fingered a clown" moment)... oh, never change, Puppy!

45. Hee!Puppy

46. Facial Shrug #3! Partially hidden, but there it is!

47. Puppy's never seen a blind knife-thrower before

48. Fuzzy, but ... Facial Shrug #4!

49. Or a flamboyantly-dressed little man

50. OMGLMAO!Puppy

51. Puppy's pissed off at Dean for making him confront his clown chair fear (nice dimple'age, though). Thus he gets a bitchface

52. Awww... He is so clearly uncomfortable.  Come here, Puppy, I'll make you feel better....

53. Facial Shrug #5!

54. *pets*

55. Puppy really wants this job, and so he hits Cooper with the...... well, you know. ;)

56. Aw, Puppy kinda looks like a sheepdog here :)

57. Here too! :D

58. PuppyMop in flight! Hmm...looks like Dean attacked him with a blowdryer that morning, so the PuppyMop is lashing out and trying to frighten him

59. Hey look, it's Carny!Puppy

60. “Huh? Oh, Hai, fangirls.You're not here to help me pick up litter? Okay, this is fun, too....”

61. Puppy suddenly feels the need to embrace his Inner Puppy and explore the Fun House

62. Hm, not quite like he remembers it... how he wishes he was still a Mini!Puppy

63. So what *do* fangirls do when they suddenly encounter a cute Puppy in the Fun House? Should we stick around and find out?

64. Suspicious!Puppy.... somethin' aint right here

65. Puppy wonders if he should tell Dean about the Fun House fangirls... nah, he'll keep this as his little secret.. *g*

66. He looks like he's about 8 years old here :D


68. Yep, Puppy's starting to freak out on the inside... *huggles him*

69. Heh, I believe that's a Long-Suffering!Puppy EyeRoll!

70. Puppy looks soooo tired... *prepares bed and fluffs pillows*

71. Watchdog!Puppy

72. Stalking!Puppy....   he can stalk me anytime :D

73. OCRP!Puppy

74. "Make sure you have all the PuppyTreats, Dean."  Dean: "*sigh*"

75. Now that that excitement is over, time to give Puppy his walkies

76. Puppy is amused at the idea of Daddy and Ellen having carnal relations

77. Aw.... Dean's words have wounded Puppy

78. And pissed him off

79. Yep. See the bitchface?

80. Facial Shrug #6!

81. Awww.... Amused!Puppy (and helloooo, PuppyDimple!)

82. Peeping!Puppy .... heehee

83. "Cooper's gotta have PuppyTreats in here somewhere..."

84. “Noooo! Don't shoot, Mister Cooper, I'm just a kewt, innocent puppy! *PuppyEyes™*”

85. "Cooper kicked the Puppy, Dean. He is now on my shit list. *nods*"

86. Clever Puppy has an idea! The PuppyEyes™ instruct Dean to follow their lead

87. Hmm, what could possibly go wrong here...?

88. Oh noes! He burned his PuppyPaw! :(

89. The PuppyEyes™ vow revenge

90. ... and a little bitchface for the pipes while we're at it...

91. FreakedOut!Puppy (and FreakedOut!Dean.... hm, two for the price of one?)

92. Facial Shrug #7!

93. Gah, what a cutie!!! *flails*

94. Puppy can tell when he's not wanted.  Aw, it's okay, Puppy. We love you!

95. You'll have fun with us fangirls. We promise. LOTS more fun. ;)

96. Facial Shrug #8!

97. Uh oh, Ash is waving a bag of PuppyTreats around... you know what this means...

98. "Can I have the whole bag some? Pleasepleasepleeeeease??" *readies the

99. I do believe there is a fangirl under the bar there!

100. Heh... Yep ;)

101. Thank you very, very much, Puppy ;D

102. Hm, looks like Puppy has something to say...

103. *ruffles PuppyMop*

104. And so Emo!Puppy emerges (he's so pretty even when he's emo, though....  look at that lovely PuppyMop)

105. Facial Shrug #9!

106. Aw, don't cry, Puppy...

107. PuppyTongue!

108. "Dean, I overheard the hairdressers saying they want to do something different for the next episode.... that really scares me..."

109. "Think you can go and talk some sense into them for me?  They seem to be immune to my Puppy Power..."

110. "Pleeeeeeeeeeease? *iz genuinely terrified*"

111. *pets pretty PuppyMop*

112. Aw.... *pets Puppy*

Bitchface count: 5
Facial Shrugs: 9

And so we say goodbye to Puppy for this week.  And the PuppyMop (except for very limited appearances in the next handful of episodes). *sniffle*  On Monday we'll continue with 2x03 Bloodlust, where we'll see Abducted!Puppy with a new hairdo.  I can't help wondering what was behind this change though.  Has anyone ever done meta (discussion) on Sam's hair, or tried to explain it in a fic? *g*

Oh and on a semi-related note...I am now pondering going to the Chicago con.  I looked on Creation's site and I'd love to get the silver package since the gold ones are sold out.  It'd cost a bundle (with the photo ops of course) but if I start putting money away now, maybe I'll be okay (there are rumors that I'll be getting some more money, including back pay, very soon).  I'm going to think about it this weekend. I emailed Creation and asked if they were ever thinking of having a con near New York, but I'm not counting on it.  Has anyone here ever got the silver tickets for any of the other cons, like the LA one or the last Chicago one? Are the seats okay? They say on the website that they're "great" but they could be just saying that.  It bugs me that they don't let you go up closer to take photos, but I'd hope these are seats from which I could get pretty decent pictures. One of the Stargate cons I went to, I had the preferred tickets and my seat was pretty lousy. Most of my pics didn't come out at all (except for the times when some of the celebs walked to the back of the room).

Okay, now I'll shut up. ;) Hope you all have a nice weekend!
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