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Supernatural con(s) around NY

Just got a reply from my email to Creation.  Gary himself (I've met him at one or two of the Stargate cons) replied in a very polite way, thanking me for my nice note and for supporting the show.  He said they'd love to have a con on the East Coast, but there is the issue of how busy the stars are with both the show and other things like movies, and that it'd be hard to get them transportation back and forth in time for shooting.  He said it's on their "to-do" list for some day, but that's about all he can tell me right now.

So I guess there won't be any SPN cons near New York or anywhere else on the east coast for some time.  :(

Guess I should really, REALLY think about Chicago now.

Glad I'm going to be getting a bit more money soon....
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