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Ramblings on a Gray Saturday

Crummy day today... very cloudy, had some thunder and then quite a bit of rain.  Rain stopped but it's still very overcast.

Watched Sarah Jane Adventures and Dr. Who last night...

Okay, it was weird because they repeated Part 1 of "The Lost Boy", which was the second episode shown last week.  Were these two episodes the last of the series? It would make sense if they were and wanted to air them together, but other than that I can't think of a reason...

I talked about Part 1 last week so here are my thoughts on Part 2.

So Mr. Smith was a zylock.  He was only out for himself, then. He used the Slitheen as part of his plan to get to Luke and then bring the planet to its knees.  I really didn't see that coming. Sad that he'd been pretty much lying to Sarah Jane the whole time.

I liked how Clyde tried to communicate with them to warn them, even when he was captured by Mr. Smith.  Glad that Maria's dad caught on to this.

I thought for sure that Luke was a goner, first after that Slitheen family captured him and wanted to harness all his telekinetic power (good on him for being able to overload the system), and then when Mr. Smith tried to get him to use that headset.

But then what do we see? ... K-9 to the rescue!!! I love that little guy, how he created a diversion long enough for Sarah Jane to implant that virus into Mr. Smith.  So I guess he is "starting fresh" now, and has a new purpose to protect Earth.  That's good to see. :)

And K-9 is a good dog :D I love seeing him... have ever since the old episodes.

So I wonder what is next.  Is this the end of the series, or is there more coming up?

Can I first say how much I love Donna's granddad? You can tell he really loves Donna and wants only good for her. And I love the way he seems to trust the Doctor and tells her to go off with him.

It was almost scary how hard it was to tell that we were looking at Martha's clone, not actually her.  I mean I knew it was the clone when she kept aborting the missile strikes, but she really tried so hard to pass herself off as the real thing, and it was a bit scary that no one could tell, not even the Doctor (well, at first anyway).

Has the Doctor always been anti-gun?  I used to watch this show back in the early 80s and then sporadically after that, so I can't remember too well. But it really stuck out as a sore thumb in these past two episodes.  If it's because he'd rather use brain power and scientific might rather than military power then it makes sense, but I honestly can't remember too well if he was like this in the past...

The looks on Martha and Donna's faces when the Doctor was going to practically sacrifice himself to save Earth....  But wow, I wasn't expecting that kid (can't remember his name, but the one who was working with the Sontarans) to come along at the last minute and blow them up.  He actually did something admirable.  Good on him.

So I guess Martha is going to be in the next episode then.  Looks like it's going to be interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing more interaction between her and Donna especially.

In other news, it looks like the Supernatural con in Chicago is pretty much a go. :) Haven't ordered tickets yet but am going to look into booking a flight and all that.  *rubs hands together in anticipation*
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