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Puppy!Sam Picspam #28 (Supernatural)

So it's Monday. Here is something that will hopefully make this day easier...

Episode #2x06: No Exit

Not as much Puppy as usual since he wasn't in this episode very much, but still not very dial-up friendly. Anything you like? Please feel free to take.

1. Hi, Puppy! Oh, what a way to greet us :D

2. "..And, for you, so bitchy." ... Hee hee...

3. Cat fights make Puppy uncomfortable

4. Verrrry uncomfortable

5. Aw... Puppy first finds out that he won't have much to do in this episode

6. Puppy's sneakin' around again

7. Find something interesting, Puppy?

8. Puppy can't believe his ears

9. "What?? I only have HOW many scenes??"

10. Puppy disapproves of his lack of screentime

11. And begs for more with the PuppyFace, PuppyEyes(TM) and ForeheadCrinkles

12. Puppy sees right through Dean and Jo's act of making him think he has more to do on screen

13. Hey, Puppy's wearing the shirt he wore as Carny!Puppy in ELAC!

14. Puppy is camera-shy

15. He's still not happy about the lack of screentime...

16. ZOMG!Puppy

17. "So ... y'all havin' some fun without Puppy, huh??" (and he's not too happy he's been demoted to Coffee Boy again)

18. What is captivating Puppy (and Dean)?

19. Smug!Puppy is happy that Dean realizes this episode does need him after all

20. "See, Jo? I AM important. Think of all the fangirls that would riot if I wasn't in this episode"

21. Puppy sees that Dean has some snackies, and he desperately wants one, too

22. Puppy rubs Jo's nose in it that he's won and now has more screen time

23. "No one messes with Puppy and wins, kid."

24. "You try to get rid of me again and you'll have to answer to my fan girls. Ya hear?"

25. Research!Puppy is stumped

26. TreasureHunt!Puppy

27. Whatcha find, Puppy?'

28. Nooo, Puppy! Save that charming smile for someone else... like me... (lucky Jo... *snort*)

29. Thoughtful!Puppy

30. Puppy demonstrates how he is soooo much better than Jo... and he knows it

31. "...For THAT!"  Guh, he was so cute in this scene!

32. Burying nasty, old, decaying, pervy spirits in concrete is fun, huh, Puppy?

33. Aw, Puppy has been banished to the back seat!

34. Puppy and Dean say "sowwy" to Ellen

35. Ignore Jo right now and focus on the poor little Puppy sulking in the back...

So that's it. Wednesday we'll see InnocentUntilProvenGuilty!Puppy in #3x07: The Usual Suspects. Hope you all have a good day.

One more thing ... I'd just like to say to all those who are on my flist, I'm sorry about that stupid post I made yesterday.  I was such an idiot and only now do I realize how utterly ridiculous I sounded.  Like I said yesterday I was overreacting and taking a few things too personally with some of the recent craziness in the fandom.  I am truly sorry and I hope you all don't think I'm some kind of nutjob now. :( *looks around worried*
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