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I'm trying...

Well, it's day 3 of rampant PMS and I am trying to get control of my feelings and outlook. So far I'm feeling better.

I was a mess this morning. Those argumentative exaggerating hens over at that Gateworld thread were bent on continuing this stupid fight. They insist they don't hate me and don't want me to go, yet their meanness still comes through in the way they write. At least the girl who made that post to me last night is being a little more reasonable. However, she PM'd me and complained that I talk about S/D in every single post I make, which is a huge exaggeration. I hadn't brought up S/D in probably 2 months - no way is it in every post I make. Then another girl PMs me after I apologized to the thread and says she cannot take it anymore and wants me to please stop bringing S/D up in every post that I make. Why do people think they have to exaggerate in order to make a point? It just comes off as a lie. She insists she doesn't hate me and doesn't want me to leave, yet she sounds very angry and yells in her PM at me.

I'm through with all this. I made one more post in that thread ... told them I made a mistake and I apologize - but no more PM's yelling at me to stop because I've learned my lesson. If they refuse to end it, that's their problem. I wonder if they're just put off because I dared say something that might have been less than 100% positive about MS. Give me a break - I'm still a big fan of the guy, I like his acting, I respect his opinions, but I'm not swallowing the kool aid that he's some huge, perfect god. We're all human and we all have our own faults.

But anyway I was a mess when I read these PM's and posts directed at me because whenever people seem mad at me, it makes me think they hate me. I don't think this way all the time - just when I have the old PMS and things bother me more than usual. And I hate to ever have anyone mad at me. I guess I shouldn't worry so much about what other people think though.

I'm feeling better now, though, luckily. There are a few people there who are nice and gave me encouragement, plus I talked to a few friends who made me feel better. As weird as it sounds I think a Snickers bar may have helped me too, lol... I read an article once that said that eating some chocolate may be good if you have PMS because the chocolate has some kind of thing.. pherols? I can't remember what it was called...but it's supposed to help your moods a bit. Maybe my blood sugar was a little low too. I'd like to do some exercise - I know that is supposed to help - but it's too cold to go out walking today. :p Maybe I will do some situps and lift some weights when I get home (I have some small, 5 pound weights).

So now that I'm feeling better I guess I'll try to get a few things done here, lol... can't wait to go home and sleep.
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