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Puppy!Sam Picspam #30 (Supernatural)

Hey everyone, sorry I'm a little late with this one. Had a ton of things to do at work, so had to wait until lunch hour to get this up.

Episode #2x08: Crossroad Blues

50 images, so it's not dial-up friendly. As before if you like anything in particular please take.

1. Hi, Puppy. Find something interesting on the internet?

2. Puppy doesn't understand.  Why do the feds consider Dean a celebrity but not him?

3. Puppy is soooooo not amused.

4. Even though he denies it...

5. Find something else interesting, Puppy?

6. Heh... almost looks like he's begging for a doggie treat (what? My dog gives me the same exact look when she wants one)

7. AreYouSerious?Puppy

8. Puppy the magazine editor wants to know what's so danged funny...

9. Curious!Puppy

10.... begets Concerned!Puppy

11. He realizes it's been a while since he used the PuppyEyes(TM) on Dean... so here they come

12. PuppyDimples!!

13. Puppy is so amused that Dean apparently hasn't heard of MySpace

14. And doesn't believe it, of course

15. "Hi, did anyone call for a Puppy delivery?"

16. "No?? ............ Really? You're kidding me..."

17. Puppy is such a good listener

18. *nibbles Puppy neck*

19. Poor Puppy tries to make sense of what Dean is saying, but comes up empty

20. And now he looks like he reeeeeally needs to find a bathroom

21. Oh, yeah, he sure does... "Uh Dean, can I be excused for a minute?" 

22. Puppy looks confused once more

23. FacialShrug Alert!

24. Awww he' so cute.... clearly has no clue what Dean's talking about

25. FacialShrug #2!

26. Dean's musical knowledge seems to amuse Puppy

27. Hm...nice lighting here

28. Dean hopes Puppy can work his Puppy Magic to get the meanie old man to answer the door

29. Worried!Puppy

30. Aw... he tries so hard with those PuppyEyes(TM)

31. Guess they didn't work...

32. So he tries again...

33. And again...

34. Sneaky!Puppy

35. Puppy has a stare-down with Evan Hudson

36. Puppy's confused again

37. And now just a tad uneasy...

38. Puppy tells Dean how creeped out he is

39. Dimple Alert #2!

40. That was he's back to looking scared/uncomfortable

41. Aw, Puppy looks like he's gonna cry

42. And now he's worried about Dean *hugs him*

43. Puppy's scared... a mean old dog even bigger than he is comes knocking at the door

44. Puppy uses the PuppyEyes(TM) in earnest to convince Evan that they're in danger

45. Here we see Puppy trying to keep the nasty hellhounds out

46. Not easy, is it, Puppy?

47. Puppy looks a little tired

48. Worried!Puppy

49. Awww...

50. And now he looks almost numb..... *hugs him*

That's all for this week.  We will continue again on Monday with DemonVirus!Puppy in #2x09 Croatoan.  Until then, have a good weekend everyone. :) I have some new art to share, so hopefully I'll have it posted at some point during the weekend.
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