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Puppy!Sam Picspam #33 (Supernatural)

Happy Friday everyone. What better way to celebrate the weekend than with a Puppy at your side? ;)

Episode #2x11: Playthings

More than 50 images, so not dial-up friendly. As before if you see anything you like, please feel free to take. 

1. Hi, Puppy.... uh oh, he's being emo again. Let's cheer him up...

2. The PuppyEyes(TM) and ForeheadCrinkles demonstrate just how worried he is about Ava

3. And so we begin the Parade of Puppy Faces!!

4. Aww.....

5. Aww^2...

6. Aww^3...

7. Yeah, he's really working the PuppyEyes(TM)...

8. ... And let's throw some PuppyDimples into the mix...

9. Puppy makes an interesting discovery...

10. FacialShrug alert!

11. Puppy finds it soooo amusing when Dean is caught off guard

12. And now Puppy is made uncomfortable by Susan's insinuation ..... does he really look like an antiquer?

13. Puppy really likes that pretty urn at the front of the inn. He wonders, if he gives Susan the PuppyEyes(TM), will she let him take it?

14. Researchy!Puppy

15. Confused!Puppy

16. Doubtful!Puppy

17. Hee hee... Sneaky!Puppy checking to see if the coast is clear

18. Puppy is caught off guard, and so he turns on the PuppyCharm

19. Oh no, Dean's let the cat out of the bag about Puppy's secret pastime! He's getting ready to use the Bitchface...

20. Yep, clearly Puppy is not happy

21. Not your day, is it, Puppy?

22. "Big time." tee hee....

23. *tsk* Naughty Dean making Puppy feel so uncomfortable... *pets Puppy*

24. LMAO... I dont' know what it is, but his face cracks me up here... when Dean tells Susan that Puppy likes to dress dolls up in little outfits... heh

25. "It's true." Aww, Puppy... *pets him again*

26. One last Bitchface

27. Even though the dolls creep him out, Puppy hides it and tries to be his cute Puppy self to Tyler

28. ... while still trying to pretend he is fascinated by dolls (love the way his hair goes in front of his eye like that...)

29. Aw.... how much is that sad little Puppy in the window?

30. Uh oh... Drunk!Puppy

31. "... And short. *Puppy giggles*"

32. Is it wrong to say that I find him cute when he's like this?

33. Aww....

34. Drunk!Puppy does not approve of Dean's tone

35. And is impatient that Dean isn't getting the point

36. Aw... look at those sad, trusting PuppyEyes(TM)

37. Desperate(but still Drunk)!Puppy

38. Puppy curls up on his bed... Sleep, Puppy. It'll all be better in the morning (eventually...).

39. Hungover!Puppy

40. Ah yes, Puppy looks suitably confused and tousled here (and even though he feels like crap, the PuppyHair aint too shabby at all)

41. FacialShrug #2!

42. Puppy tries to appeal to Rose with the PuppyEyes(TM) and PuppyDimples

43. Puppy is confused. Why hasn't Rose responded favorably to the PuppyEyes(TM)?

44. Dean wants to help, but Puppy objects ("Dude! You're not gonna poke her with a stick!").

45. Hero!Puppy.... Hm, I wish I was Susan here

46. Whoa, major PuppyEyes(TM) here!

47. Hero!Puppy ... again! :D

48. Wet!Puppy looking around for a suitable place to shake... everyone better run for cover... *g*

49. Puppy put his dislike of baths behind him to save Tyler... what a selfless guy!

50. Sad!Puppy

51. Aww! Again, to be Susan here...

52. Oh...looks like Puppy is not gonna let Dean off easy regarding "the promise"..... *sigh*

That's it for this week. Puppy will be back on Monday as Hostage!Puppy in #2x12: Nightshifter.  Have a great weekend everyone. :)
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