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More con stuff, etc.

Well, I'm feeling a little better today, but now I think I am getting paranoid. I went back to the Daniel/MS thread and as soon as I posted everyone ran away. I guess they think I'm trouble or don't want to be bothered with me. Though I guess I shouldn't worry so much about what other people think of me.... but I just hate knowing or thinking that people are mad at me - I have this ridiculous need to be accepted by everyone... *sigh*

I also found more info on what MS was talking about at the con as far as that D/V thing goes...

Apparently it's going to be in the episode "Unending" which I believe is the last ep of S10. They are going to show different possible futures for the characters, and I guess the Daniel/Vala one is one of them. I read in another forum that someone said the way MS was talking it sounded shippy. Okay, if you're a D/V shipper I mean no offense. I personally don't like them as a couple but if you do I have nothing against you. But I hope you don't take offense to what I say.

I'm not happy about this because I think it sounds a lot like Moebius. And once again, the Sam/Daniel fans will be robbed of ever having our characters together in ANY scenario. Why do they cater only to the S/J and D/V fans? Why not try to make everyone happy? It's not fair. I hate how they neglect us.

I don't think I'll watch this episode because it will remind me just how much tptb hate getting Sam and Daniel anywhere near each other, or think that all the fans hate it and so will try to please them. I literally felt sick when I read this spoiler. Maybe I should just give up being a S/D shipper, since everyone in the fandom hates us. Either that or give up watching the show. I can't handle Daniel always acting like she doesn't exist (he hardly acknowledges Teal'c either actually...).

Well, I'm rambling again... I think I'll be quiet now so that I don't get back into awful mood again - almost seems like I'm headed that way.

I need to stop thinking about this show so much...
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