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Puppy!Sam Picspam #34 (Supernatural)

And so we begin a new week with a new round of...

Episode #2x12: Nightshifter

Not as many images as before, but still not dial-up friendly.  If you see anything you like, please take.  Lighting isn't so good on some of these.

1. Oh look, it's FBI Agent, Puppy!

2. Agent Puppy and Agent Mulder

3. Puppy tries to get Ron to open the door by using the PuppyEyes(TM)

4. Puppy finds Ron's story unbelievable

5. Verrrrry unbelievable (the ForeheadCrinkles sure are getting a workout!)

6. But, like a good Puppy, he hears the guy out

7. Wow, Ron has shocked all the ForeheadCrinkles out of Puppy's face

8. Puppy wants to believe Ron... he really does ... but it's just not happening

9. Puppy is not happy that he has to play the bad cop here...

10. ... But he hopes the PuppyEyes(TM) will soften the blow a little

11. Puppy is dead serious!

12. "Succumb to the PuppyEyes(TM), Mr. Resnick. Succumb!" 

13. Puppy hates it when Dean makes funny noises and repeats dialogue when he's trying to watch a movie (I really like the hoodie though!)

14. Trying so hard to ignore Dean...  hey, I think he's wearing the Emo!Shirt from ELAC here!

15. Nope, Puppy aint happy.... not one bit...

16. PuppyTongue!

17. Here he hits Dean with the PuppyEyes(TM) to make him stop so he can watch TV in peace

18. SecuritySystem!Puppy trying too hard to look interested

19. Find something interesting, Puppy?

20. Guess so... he looks a bit shocked

21. Even though he thinks Ron is nuts, he still tries to placate him with the PuppyEyes(TM) and PuppyDimples...

22. Aw, Puppy is insulted that Ron doesn't like him

23. Puppy is just appalled by Dean's foolishness

24. Puppy's months of obedience school comes in handy here

25. Aw... Hostage!Puppy

26. Poor Puppy... being held hostage, and now being taunted by a Dean Girl... *tsk*  (on the up side, he's wearing the PuppyShirt! *wants to tear it off him*)

27. "Yeah, you're hot for my brother, I know. But I don't need you. I've got my own army of fan girls." *sticks tongue out*

28. Puppy desperately wants to be free!  Anything to get away from the Dean Girl!  Don't worry Puppy, I'll rescue you...

29.  *an hour later* See, told you I'd free him. *grin*  He thinks Dean is due for another dose of PuppyEyes(TM)

30. Ooh... are these the beginnings of a Bitchface?

31. Puppy is stunned that Dean is now best buds with Ron

32. Someone give Puppy a little poke... his face seems to have frozen this way

33. Worried!Puppy

34. Puppy looks rather wearied here... but still pretty

35. Puppy hopes the PuppyEyes(TM) will persuade Ron to move out of harm's way

36. Alas, it doesn't work.  Ron is shot.  Puppy is sad.

37. As if things could get any worse, now the Dean Girl is following him around and just about scared the hell out of him! *pets Puppy*

38. Stealth!Puppy

39. Puppy really doesn't trust Sheri now... and not just because she's a Dean Girl

40. Ooh, he's a PissedOff!Puppy... not only a Dean Girl, but a shapeshifter too! (or so Puppy thinks)

41. PissedOff but also Confused!Puppy.  The Dean Girl isn't a shapeshifter? Maybe she's actually a Puppy Girl? And the shapeshifter is the Dean Girl? *ponders*

42. Woooo! Go, Puppy! Tackle those nasty SWAT guys!

43. Renegade!Puppy.  He's a wanted dog, dontchaknow...

44. Just get out of there before they find you, Puppy.  Then you can be as emo as you like.  I like my puppies cute and fluffy and alive.

That's it for today.  We'll be back Wednesday with TouchedByAnAngel!Puppy in #2x13: Houses of the Holy.  Have a nice day, everyone. :)
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