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Puppy!Sam Picspam #36 (Supernatural)

Someone's here to help us celebrate Friday...

Episode #2x14: Born Under a Bad Sign

Quite a bit bigger than my usual picspams have been, as in over 60 images, so definitely not dial-up friendly.  Anything you like, please take.

1. Hi, Puppy... oh, something's wrong

2. Puppy looks scared :(

3. And now distressed

4. And rather impatient

5. You seem conflicted, Puppy

6. Ah, his Puppy Sense is blaring...

7. Puppy inspects the fine interior of the car he presumably stole

8. Whoa... *Major* PuppyEyes(TM) here... almost looks like he's saying "OMG... teh blood!"

9. Puppy so doesn't understand what the hell is going on

10. But he does understand that the convenience store clerk charged him for puppy treats and did not bag them... he wants puppy treats and did not get them

11. "Can we go back there, Dean? Pleeeeeeease?"

12. Puppy is in total shock over the accusations. Has he really been such a bad dog?

13. He is at a loss for words as the clerk calls animal control

14. This is all happening too fast for Puppy... so hard to take it all in....   (at least it seems that way...)

15. Poor Puppy discovers something gut-wrenching on video.  He turned into a vicious attack dog and mauled a hunter.... oh, Puppy, it couldn't have been you...

16. Dean's evidence destruction makes Puppy flinch

17. Uh, Puppy... what's the Bitchface for?

18. Dang, he's beautiful... but he's starting to scare me

19. Hm... maybe Puppy realizes he's worrying us?

20. Don't cry, Puppy... just stop acting so creepy

21. *watches in horror*

22. Okay, now he's *really* worrying me

23. Come on, Puppy, can't we talk about this?

24. "You'll live to regret this." OMG! Evil!Puppy!! *cowers*

25. Evil!Puppy makes his grand entrance

26. I know he's Evil, but he still manages to be cute

27. Amused!Evil!Puppy

28. *goes weak-kneed*

29. Ohhhhhh my....   Is it me or did it suddenly get warm in here?

30. Dear me, this Evil!Puppy is HOT!

31. Oh, to be in Jo's position...

32. Gotta say, Meg is doing a great job of keeping him cute

33. He turns from Cute!Puppy into Hot!Puppy well, too

34. Still workin' the PuppyEyes(TM)

35. "Fine."  *fans self*

36. Nice dimple'age there...

37. "That is just like John...."  *grins*

38. "My daddy shot your daddy in the he-ead..."  *dies*

39. Uh oh, Evil!Puppy's plan suddenly isn't working out well...

40. Eek!! Demon!Puppy rears his head!  *hides behind desk*

41. Smokin'!Puppy (literally, lol).... hey, the PuppyMop came back for a spell! *g*

42. Demon!Puppy loves playing Cops and Robbers, doesn't he

43. Okay... he looks just a wee bit creepy here

44. Demon!Puppy also likes playing Hide n Seek... as long as he's winning, of course

45. He shot Dean!!! Naughty Puppy!!! Bad, baaaaad boy!!

46. Demon!Puppy got bored playing with Dean and now goes to visit Bobby.   Guh, Puppy!Smirk... *fans self again*

47. *hides again*

48. Don't be fooled by the Cute Puppy act, Bobby! He's really evil!

49. Thirsty!Demon!Puppy

50. Oh, man! What a dirty trick! Bobby spiked the beer with hot chili pepper flavored Holy Water!)

51. Demon!Puppy is NOT happy and will curse Bobby to the pits of hellfire... just as soon as he can feel his tongue again

52. Trapped!Demon!Puppy

53. naughty Demon!Puppy taunts Dean

54. "Careful, now. Wouldn't want to bruise this fine packaging." Sorry, Dean, but I gotta agree here... even if he is evil. ;)

55. Hey, PuppyMop came back again! Hee... :D

56. Oh, Demon!Puppy just HATES it when they don't play his way

57. But still he refuses to back down

58. Eek, creepy...

59. ... Yet somehow arousing...

60. Ooh, Demon!Puppy bares his teeth and growls

61. Bad Puppy! Down boy, down!!

62. Exorcised!Puppy

63. Yay, he's back to our lovable, innocent (well more innocent) Puppy! 

64. Aw.... but he looks so scared/confused....  here, I'll help you up, Puppy.  *grabs him*

65. And now he looks almost ashamed.... Aw... We really have to protect our Puppy!

66. Don't worry, Puppy... you'll be safe with us!

67. Safe indeed.... *smiles*

So, that's it for today. Hope you liked. :)  On Monday Puppy will be back in #2x15: Tall Tales as PuppyofaThousandFaces. *g*  Have a good weekend, everyone!
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