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Today's Issue of TV Guide...

... Just heard from a friend that SG-1 is mentioned in the latest issue of TV Guide:

"There will be a touch of romance when two fan favorites finally lock lips".

Not sure what ep they are talking about but I really, really, really, really HOPE and PRAY that they are not talking about Daniel/Vala!! I know they'd said that Cam and Vala would "see sparks" in a later ep so I really hope that's what they're talking about...

But I have this sick feeling they mean the finale and if they do I'm going to puke.

I can't believe I'm praying so hard for something like this not to happen.... I must be thinking about this show way too much....

Again apologies to any D/V shippers who are reading this... I really don't want to see romance on this show. I want to see it end with everyone as friends, (especially a certain astrophysicist and archaeologist).
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