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Puppy!Sam Picspam #38 (Supernatural)

A little something to celebrate Hump Day...

Episode #2x16: Roadkill

Not as many images as last time, but still not dial-up friendly.  Many of the shots in this episode were quite dark and editing some of them didn't make them look too spectacular.  Still I hope you enjoy this, and as always you're welcome to take any pics you like.

1. That's our Puppy... always eager to use the PuppyEyes(TM) on someone in need... *g*

2. Puppy doesn't find Dean very amusing at the moment

3. Confused!Puppy

4. But he really wants to help

5. See? Puppy cares.

6. Curious!Puppy

7. Puppy knows the truth about Molly, but helping someone in her... er.... state... still creeps him out just a little

8. PuppyDimple!! :D

9. Worried!Puppy making sure that Molly stays put back there (like she's going to go anywhere...)

10. Uncertain!Puppy

11. WTF?!Puppy

12. Dean's fancy driving took a lot out of Puppy... he needs to stop and catch his Puppy breath

13. Molly apparently has had enough.... But Puppy doesn't want his new friend to leave... aw....

14. He wants to prove he can help.....  (and on a totally shallow note, he's wearing the hoodie again! *squees*)

15. SlackJawed!Puppy

16. Using some nice ForeheadCrinkles action to persuade Molly to follow them

17. Look at how he pleads...

18. Whatcha see, Puppy?

19. Puppy reads to Molly...... heh, look at that floppy PuppyHair :D

20. Apparently Molly really likes it too, and has informed Puppy thusly.  Don't know why he seems surprised...

21. Puppy is appalled by Dean's callousness regarding Greeley's wife

22. Puppy has a bad feeling about something...

23. Yep, he's starting to get creeped out, alright

24. Why the bitchface, Puppy?

25. Puppy? Wanna share why you're ticked off?

26. There it is again! (the bitchface... *g*)

27. Yes, Puppy is *not* happy

28. But he tries to placate Molly with the PuppyEyes(TM) anyway...

29. Now he's really starting to get creeped out... he really wants to know where that awful music is coming from

30. Aha! Puppy's got an idea!

31. Puppy hard at work digging up Greeley.....  Hey look! PuppyMop!! :D

32. Puppy demonstrates the power of Puppy-Fu!

33. Puppy waits around expectantly, hoping that the awesome power of Puppy-Fu has indeed taken out Greeley's spirit

34. And it has... but no time to celebrate. There is still unfinished business concerning Molly.  Aw... here he is readying the PuppyEyes of Concern...

35. Aw, Puppy Wuppy is getting wet!

36. Facial Shrug alert! Dean is intrigued... he wonders why some fan girls seem to have such an obsession with it.  He thinks he should try doing it more often...

37. *nibbles PuppyNeck* *plays with strings of PuppyHoodie*

38. *hands Puppy blowdryer*

39. Puppy thinking about his late girlfriend as he tries to convince Molly to move on.... aw......

40. *pets Puppy*

41. Wow... nice ForeheadCrinkle action on Sympathetic!Puppy

42. Puppy watches as Molly's spirit finally moves on

43. Aw... he almost looks like he's gonna cry

44. *hugs Puppy*

Sorry this one was rather short. Like I said, there weren't too many great shots since they were pretty dark.  Friday there will be another extra long picspam though (probably the longest one I've done so far), for BlackWidower!Puppy in #2x17: Heart.  Until then, stay tuned and I hope you all have a great day. :)
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