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Puppy!Sam Picspam #39 (Supernatural)

Sorry I'm a bit late with this one... in the middle of holiday preparations and my browser kept crashing :P 

Episode #2x17: Heart

WARNING: This picspam contains some images that are not very puppy-ish at all.  I recommend that you not be eating any food or drinking any beverages... oh, and it might be wise to have some nice fluffy pillows handy, just in case you fall out of your chair. ;) 

More than 60 images, so definitely not dial-up friendly.  You know the drill... you like anything, please take.

1. Hi, Puppy..... oh, not a very pretty sight there, is it? Sigh, the things you have to do as Detective!Puppy...

2. He doesn't seem too bothered by that though, as he works the PuppyCharm on the coroner

3. See?

4. Gah! Cuteness and PuppyDimples! The PuppyCharm is turned up to about an 11 here

5. He really has a way with that charm, doesn't he...  *pinches PuppyCheeks*

6. Hee hee.... he is really trying to convince her of how innocent and cute he is.... as if she needs convincing...

7. Facial Shrug alert!

8. For some reason he is giving Dean the PuppyEyes(TM)

9. More pretty PuppyEyes(TM)

10. "Okaaaaaay, Sparky..."   Ooh, Snarky!Puppy!

11. Snarky!Puppy Take 2.  Ooh, I wanna see Puppy in Disneyland! Walking around wearing a set of Mickey Mouse ears!! Hee!!!

12. SlightlyAmused!Puppy

13. Concerned!Puppy (with Amused!Dean on the side)

14. Here he gives Madison the PuppyEyes(TM) to get information out of her

15. Poor Puppy just doesn't know what to think

16. YouTalkin'ToMe?Puppy

17. Aw come on, Dean... it's Puppy's turn to get the girl for once!

18. Puppy thinks Dean's version of Rock-Scissors-Paper is unfair

19. Hm... Madison has caught Puppy off guard

20. But he tries not to let on and instead plasters a cute PuppyGrin onto his face.....

21. "See how very innocent I look? ..... Is it working?"

22.  Aw... the sight of frilly underwear makes Puppy uncomfortable

23. Tee hee... he really is freaking out inside!

24. "Dean, I'm scared... she just flashed her underwear in front of me.  Rescue me, please?"

25. "*Sigh* Okay, okay, fine.  Meanie." *hangs up*

26. Hee hee... Awkward!Puppy!

27. "Heh... Gilmore Girls.... she really likes this show?"

28. Puppy uses the Facial Shrug to further the whole innocence front

29.  Huh... for some reason, Puppy is really enthralled in this show

30. "So, Rory ... dumps the guy who looks like me ...I mean, 'Dean' ... for Logan???"

31. "Whoa! Whatta bitch!!"

32. Aw... Puppy looks so adorable when he's entertained!

33. He admits he likes Madison... even if her TV viewing choices are a bit ...unusual

34. Facial Shrug #3!

35. Heee.... PuppySmile and PuppyDimple!!

36. Aw... Thoughtful!Puppy

37.  Hi again, PuppyDimple!

38. Hm.... Playful!Puppy? (take that whichever way you'd like *grin*)

39. Wistful!Puppy

40. Gah...what I'd give to have a cute Puppy like this watching over me!

41. *flails*

42. Confused!Puppy

43. Oh, no.... Puppy learns the truth about Madison

44. Badass!Puppy

45. Nope, do NOT mess with this Puppy

46. Whoa, intense PuppyEyes(TM)!

47. Awww....

48. Now he is training his PuppyEyes(TM) on Dean like a laser

49. Holy cow... he looks so young here, even without the PuppyMop

50. Pissy!Puppy

51. Let's get a closer look at those PuppyEyes(TM), shall we?

52. Wow... again, SO young... and some nice ForeheadCrinkles too

53. Such a puppy....

54. Aw... Puppy is so determined to save Madison

55. See? look at the compassion radiating from that PuppyFace...

56. Puppy! Noooo!!

57. And yet...  Puppy tells Dean in a none-too-subtle way, "Maddie is mine.  You can take off now, thankyouverymuch."

58. Oh, my... Lucky Madison!!

59. GUH..... Yeah, not a very puppy-ish shot, but I don't care........   *drools* *flails*

60. I'll say it again.... Lucky girl......

61. Ooh, Partial PuppyMop!!

62. OMG!Puppy

63. Aw... he still wants to save her.. can't you see it in the PuppyEyes(TM)?

64. Resigned!Puppy realizes there is no other option

65. And here come the PuppyTears.... :(

66. Aw, Sweetie.....

67. Puppy tries to put on a brave face... but it is no use

68. Alright, that's it... I can't hold it in any longer......  *cries with Puppy and hugs him*

Hope you enjoyed it. :)  Next one is on Monday where we'll see TinselTown!Puppy in #2x18: Hollywood Babylon.  Hope you all have a great weekend!
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