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Puppy!Sam Picspam #40 (Supernatural)

Wow, can't believe this is #40 already... happy Monday everyone.

Episode #2x18: Hollywood Babylon

More than 60 images, so not dial-up friendly.  I tried something a little different in editing the pics, so they may be a little richer in tones and a bit more colorful than usual.  I was using a different program to edit them. If you like these better let me know and I'll do it this way from now on. :)  As before if you like any of these, please take.

1. Hi, Puppy... taking a little tour, are ya?

2. Hm... Puppy doesn't seem to like the tour anymore (could it have something to do with all the girls yelling "OMG! Dean Forrester!!" ?).  Dean, on the other hand...

3. Amused!Puppy

4. Facial Shrug Alert!

5. "Wha...??"Puppy

6. Heh... Confused!Puppy

7. EagerToPlease!Puppy

8.  "I think they're kinda like slaves...."  Hee hee

9. Sorry, Dean.  Puppy's not hungry right now

10. ... And now seems a little weirded out

11. Fly-Catchin' Puppy ;)

12. Puppy delivery!

13. "What? You didn't order a cute, cuddly little puppy?"

14. Dean: You sure? Come on, look at how cute he is!

15. ...  Come on, you know you can't resist.

16. Puppy graciously accepts a hot drink from the illustrious Mr. St. James.

17. Hm, a little too hot maybe? (Heh... this reminds me of that scene in Nightmare where he takes the teacup and reacts like it's too hot.  Which leads me to wonder, is this a "Sam" thing that was scripted or ad-libbed? Or did Jared himself find the cup too hot? *grin*)

18. Puttin' on the PuppyCharm again

19. Puppy is such a good listener

20. Whoa... Puppy didn't know that Dean was a Richard Moll fan.... that totally came out of left field...

21. Heh... Awkward!Puppy really wants to go.  Now.

22. Puppy tries to get a distracted Dean's attention by focusing the PuppyEyes(TM) dead center on him

23. "Copy that?" Heh... Puppy's confused.  Is Dean talking to the voices in his head again?

24. He resumes the PuppyEyes(TM)

25. "Who's aware?" Hee... Puppy is so cute when he's confused and naive...

26. Puppy is so eager to test out their new home theater system

27. Facial Shrug #2!

28, Whatcha see, Puppy? Whatcha see, boy? Huh? Huh?

29. Ah, Dean is weirding Puppy out again

30. Not really a bitchface.. more like a "I've really had it with your shenanigans" face...

31. He commands Dean's attention again with the PuppyEyes(TM)

32. Crowd gatherings of all kinds spark Puppy's interest

33. Puppy doesn't approve of the half-hearted tribute to Jay

34. See? He's got that "You're kidding, right?" expression

35. But he tries to be polite anyway. Good boy, Puppy

36. Aw... Puppy is sooooooo bored...

37. PuppyTongue! Dean must have brought a package of Beggin' Strips

38. Yep, Puppy thinks the movie sucks...

39. Oh, but wait... something has perked Puppy right up!

40. Eager!Puppy does a good job of lying to Marty

41. PuppyDimples!!

42. Oh, yeah, that PuppyFace would have anyone eating out of his hand

43. Yeah, stretch those long, powerful limbs, Puppy!

44. Puppy's bored again

45. Maybe we can help him out a bit... Would you like that, Puppy? Yeah?

46. Puppy tries to appeal to Walter with the PuppyEyes(TM)

47. Ooh, PissedOff!Puppy.  Is that a bitchface I see?

48. Puppy's nervous... that fan is making the PuppyHair take flight.  If we wait much longer, it might usher forth the PuppyMop

49. Aw... holding doors shut is hard work, huh Puppy?

50. Unnerved!Puppy

51. Oh, here's why... Puppy is using his GhostFinder option on his cell to track the ghosts Walter has summoned

52. Looks like Puppy's found one... either that or an obsessed fangirl in disguise

53. Puppy gazes upon Walter with the PuppyEyes(TM) of Disapproval

54. The PuppyEyes(TM) cannot believe what Walter has just done

55. Puppy watches in horror as the spirits haze Walter

56. It's like a train wreck... he knows he shouldn't watch, yet he cannot turn away

57. Puppy's not too happy that Marty has stolen their idea... but as long as they get royalties, he's okay with it

58. Puppy is about to go barking up the wrong trailer...

59. Looks like Puppy has found Dean...

60. Wow, talk about Awkward!Puppy

61. Yep, Puppy is scarred for life now.

62. Nope, Puppy certainly does not feel like eating at the moment

63. Poor Puppy... *gives him a sympathy pet*

That's all for today.  Be back again on Wednesday for Jailbird!Puppy in #2x19: Folsom Prison Blues.  Have a nice day everyone. :)
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