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25 February 1978
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I'm a geologist who loves to read and write. I also love dogs, have had them all my life. One of them which I've posted about a lot here was Penny, a beagle who I sadly lost in July 2011 to kidney failure. I now have a beagle/treeing walker coonhound mix named Abby, and a beagle (possibly beagle/foxhound?) named Lucy. They are the loves of my life.

I write a lot of fanfiction, mostly for Stargate SG-1. I've been a fan of the show since early-mid season 6, and my favorite characters are Daniel and Sam. And yes, I am a shipper (*ducks*) but I reserve it mostly for fan fiction. I'm more of a friend-shipper onscreen. I also love drawing and making graphic art - especially icons, wallpaper, etc.

So, yeah, as I sort of hinted above (*grin*), I write fan fiction. I mostly write fics that are Sam/Daniel and/or Cam/Vala in nature. And because of my ship preferences (especially the first one), I've been inducted into The Club. Seriously, I don't know why people bother with this stuff. My philosophy has always been Ship and Let Ship. I don't force myself to read fics with pairings that I don't like, so I don't expect others to do the same and then give me grief for it. I once got a flame on a S/D and C/V fic, by a diehard S/J shipper on Fanfiction.net. In short they proclaimed I was delusional for shipping S/D ('cause apparently they're just siblings) and assumed I'd never heard of Jack O'Neill. I ranted about it here, and the lovely moonshayde prompted many of the multi-shippers on her F-list to give me some support. I include some of their quotes here, just to show how wonderful other shippers (including S/J) can be. Thanks, guys, for the support. :)

"I wear my bad reviews like a badge. It means I've done something right. So, remember that. It means you did too." - moonshayde

"Came here by way of moonshadye to drop a word of encouragement. Ignore the idiots. You can ship whoever you darn well please in fanfic. That's the beauty of it! If they don't like it, they can lump it. (Yes, I am twelve when it comes to something like this.) Who do these people think they are? They need to get over themselves. Seriously." - sela21k

"I'm a diehard 100% S/J OTPer. D/V too for that matter. I find it unpleasant to read Sam/Daniel fic, and if it's well written that just makes it all the more unpalatable for me. But you know what? There's a very simple solution to that -- I don't read it. Flaming people over the pairings they choose is childish and stupid, and anyone who behaves in such a manner is beneath contempt. Don't let obnoxious bullies ruin your squee." - spiletta42

"I'd like to consider myself a sane S/J shipper, okay, maybe not sane per se, but definitely respectful. And I am so sorry that the crazies decided to descend upon you. I say don't you dare stop posting your stuff at ff.net just because some small-minded people were, well, small-minded." - annerbhp

"*sigh* Some people out there are crazy. But I promise I've met plenty of sane Sam/Jack shippers (admittedly a lot of them are more multiship friendly and many ship Sam/Daniel too) and shippers of other persuasion also. Just take it as a badge of honor and don't let the crazy fans out there take away your joy. Fandom should be about being happy and enjoying yourself, and having fun with the characters, not trying to ruin what makes other people happy. Just don't let the asshats win :)" - abyssinia4077

"I just like shipping Daniel with...um...anyone LOL so I figure, if it makes you happy, go with it! You cannot make everyone happy all the time, so be happy if you can piss them off individually!" - zats_clear

My other big obsession is Supernatural. I've been watching the show since about mid season 2 and I can't get enough of it. I've made some fan art for it, mostly icons, and will make more. I've also started writing SPN fanfic. Hopefully I'll find my niche and write even more. Other shows I really like are Sleepy Hollow and Turn.

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